Thursday, July 26, 2007

Collaborate with Mobile Trail Explorer

While searching in Google Codes, I found a project which is very close to JVNMobileGIS - Mobile Trail Explorer. Very interesting! They have what JVNMobileGIS doesn't have: GPS tracking.
I applied for project membership immediately. Thanks Tommy for your fast response and approval. I will try my best to contribute to the project and improve my project as well.
Now I can be a truly developer :) (I hate to be a Team Leader).

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  1. When you travel with a GPS Unit, it can help you save your trail. You can read from it and display on a map.
    In the past, I did searched for GPS open source softwares and found some that read data from a GPS Unit.
    In fact, I have had an idea to implement a taxi tracking system using GPS, GIS and SMS but it's so big for me to do (perhaps the hardest thing is hardware part), so I leave it in the list of interesting technical things I will do in the future, hixxx