Saturday, August 25, 2007

MOSS4G project

MOSS4G seems an interesting project. I can see opportunity for collaboration between MOSS4G and JVNMobileGIS.

[Incubator] JVNMobileGIS Incubation Application

I have submitted the incubation application on behalf of the JVNMobileGIS project - the cross-platform mobile Java mapping viewer - to OSGeo Incubation Committee. Actually I was encouraged to apply long time ago, but at that time JVNMobileGIS was not ready yet. Now it's time for a bigger opportunity for JVNMobileGIS.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Working for Milestone 1.0.1

Chris has posted some essential requirements for JVNMobileGIS, the most important (and the most painful) is SSL3, HTTPS support. I'm working on it now. This article from Nokia seems to be the one to go "MIDP 2 0: Introduction to Secure MIDlet Communication (With Example)"